The AIGA Boston Mentorship Program welcomes creative professionals from across disciplines. We are committed to providing mentorship to college students, emerging and seasoned professionals.
The program involves a five-month, one-on-one mentoring engagement; pairing designers to share insights and experiences. If you want to spark inspiration, learning and professional growth within Boston’s design community—just as perhaps someone once did for you—you’re in the right place!

Mentor Application Deadline: Sunday, January 21

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I am excited to be involved in the AIGA Boston Mentorship Program this year and have carefully considered the commitment to my mentee and the program. I recognize that I play an integral part in the success of this program and the design community in Boston. *

By accepting, I pledge to participate fully in the AIGA Boston Mentorship Program for five months.
Thank you for your commitment to our mentorship program!

While we do our best to match most applicants to the program, we do have a limited number of slots available each term. All applicants not matched in February will be placed on a priority list for next year’s program. You will be notified in mid-February if you have been matched or if you are on the priority list for next year.
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